If it's free, you're the product – again

A tough discussion but one I think we should be having.

Matthew Wright

As the twenty-first century approaches its third decade I am deeply worried about the nature of how social media is served to us. It didn’t really exist twenty years ago when everybody was worried about the ‘millennium bug’ destroying everything.

Today it’s engaged by a really significant chunk of every human alive on the planet, but the services are dominated by faceless monoliths that don’t engage with their customers (yes, I’m talking about YOU, Facebook, and is your name really the oxymoron it appears to be?).

That’s the thing. Social media is a great way to connect with people globally, but the service frameworks around which it’s offered are those of amoral corporates who have monetised the system to their own benefit. And that is quite without considering the way that their ‘algorithms’ work – mathematical tools designed to take the place of human judgement. These don’t just create ‘validation…

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What my Thursday night hockey league says about Canada

Open this photo in gallery iStockPhoto / Getty Images Peter Shawn Taylor is senior features editor of C2C Journal and part-time CEO of Thursday Night Hockey Megacorp based in Waterloo, Ont. Hockey is the hometown team, and it’s getting beaten. Badly. First came Don Cherry’s ham-handed observations about poppies, which turned into a smear against [...]

Their Inheritance

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I can't believe it!

Quotes from Great Thunberg at COP25, Madrid, reported by Evening Standard:

“Greenhouse gas emissions has to stop. To be stable at 1.5 degrees we need to keep the carbon in the ground.”

“Only setting up distant dates and saying things which give the impression that action is underway will only most likely do more harm than good because the changes required are still nowhere in sight.”

“The politics needed does not exist today despite what you might hear from world leaders… I still believe that the biggest danger is not inaction, the real danger is when politicians and CEOs are making it look like real action is happening when in fact almost nothing is being done apart from clever accounting and creative PR.”

“If there is a child standing in the middle of the road and cars are coming at full speed you don’t look away because it’s too…

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Liberals’ ‘middle class tax cut’ is not a tax cut at all

Andrew Coyne Published December 10, 2019 Updated 9 hours ago The new Minister of Middle Class Prosperity was unable, in her first week on the job, to define the middle class with much precision or syntax. It’s “where people feel that they can afford their way of life,” Mona Fortier told CBC Radio. “They have [...]

It is not all in your head. Sometimes, it’s in your legs

Everything we sense in our external and internal worlds has a distinct subjective quality. A blasting outburst of rage feels different than a lover’s tender kiss on the cheek. Even routine acts such as reading a book or trying to recall a childhood friend’s name feel remarkably different. These and countless other feelings fill the [...]

SUVs are killing the planet – and pedestrians. Why do Canadians continue to drive them?

Naomi Buck Special to The Globe and Mail Published 5 hours ago When I moved to Canada from Germany with my two-year-old, car-obsessed son, he was delighted to find himself in the garden of automotive delights. Not only did the range of brands extend well beyond the five he knew by heart from our cobblestoned [...]