Nobel Prize Now A Near-Certainty For Trump After He Does The Impossible And Unites Canada

The Out And Abouter

lightx-12 Canadians of all political beliefs came together to say they hope that asshole never comes back.

Even as the backlash grows against Donald Trump, and his complex new foreign policy of ‘Blame Canada,’ pundits are saying that while it may not have been intentional, the president deserves his share of the credit for doing what many observers believed was an impossible task: getting Canadians to agree on something.

“Think of him as having the diplomatic effect of an intoxicated bull in a china shop with very, very narrow aisles,” said Sven Bjurn, head of the Norwegian thinktank ‘Dum-Dum,’ which directly translates as ‘The Institute For Observing The Effects Of Trumpism On Bilateral International Relations.’

“Despite his having destroyed the store and then pooped on the carpet, there is nothing left for those in charge of the china shop to do but come together, clean up the mess, and long for…

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