Planning the biggest party of your life, even if you can’t be there

Time to start planning the party!

Robby Robin's Journey

Life provides many opportunities for parties, right? Birthday parties when you’re little. Birthday parties for your kids – one of the most stressful aspects of parenting imaginable in my books. We won’t count all those teen parties that your parents weren’t supposed to know about. Then there are engagement parties, weddings, and baby showers, not to mention these days also gender-reveal parties. There are farewell parties, retirement parties, and special anniversary celebrations. Lots of occasions for celebrating life’s passages, surrounded by friends and family.

Not so long ago we planned (and gave) a big party to celebrate our 50th anniversary, bringing together family and friends from far and near over many, many, … many decades. At that gathering, which was wonderful, my husband pointed out to everyone how much better it was to bring together the people who made a difference in our lives while we were all alive…

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