We Have to Stop Meeting Like This: The Climate Cost of Conferences

A UBC study looked at the carbon cost of conferences and other academic travel. It’s enormous. By Malabika Pramanik 22 Jul 2019 | TheTyee.ca Conferences have been a lot on my mind lately. I am at one of them as I write this. As a member of the Canadian Mathematical Society and a conference organizer, I am always [...]

Hottest Day

Short and eloquent– we need nature’s greenery not our bricks and plastic.

I can't believe it!

It has been England’s hottest ever July day. The air is hot and humid, more like summer in Houston. Becalmed all day, without the air conditioning that is regarded as necessary in Houston, I have to take a walk in the evening, now it is slightly cooler, despite impending rain.

We are lucky that Knutsford has a number of smallish green areas. As I walk I become aware of just how hot and oppressive are the streets around the town, heat emanating from the terraced houses and roads. Entering the parks there is an immediate change of atmosphere, cooler, more breezy. The grassy areas, surrounded by trees, have a different feel again, still refreshing. The small ‘walled wood’ is another perceptibly different environment, completely enveloped and protected by trees. By the lake that is the Moor pool a different quality comes from the relatively cool water.

In short, contact with…

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Money or Health?

Review backs Teck oil sands mine: Jobs, economic benefit outweigh environmental impact, it finds SHAWN MCCARTHYGLOBAL ENERGY REPORTER OTTAWA PUBLISHED JULY 25, 2019 UPDATED 1 DAY AGO FOR SUBSCRIBERS 78 COMMENTS A joint federal-Alberta review panel is recommending approval of Teck Resources Ltd.'s proposed Frontier oil sands mine, despite finding it would have serious environmental [...]

Speak volumes — candidkay

The value of a good mentor can not be overstated,

Robby Robin's Journey

This reblog of CandidKay’s post on mentorship is a worthwhile read for all women and men who work with others, especially in supervisory and leadership roles.  And keep in mind that sometimes (often) people serve in “unofficial” leadership roles by virtue of their wisdom and empathy. Having been mentored by several excellent men throughout my career in a male-oriented environment, I recognize many common threads in her post. Among the most interesting and useful pieces of advice she received are: (1) growing up without privilege gives you an advantage, and (2) stick with people who want to create something good, bigger than themselves, something better.

For those of us who have had the good fortune to be mentored by wise people – men or women – it is up to us to pay it forward. Enjoy the read.

Our first meeting seemed anything but fortuitous. There I was, a newly minted 24-year-old, proudly sitting…

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No Judgement: A tribute to my gym and beyond

No Judgement!

Robby Robin's Journey

There’s a big sign on the main wall of my gym that reminds everyone of one of its main principles, aka core values: No Judgement. [Yes, in the U.S. that would be spelled Judgment!]

Image credit: Fit4Less

Clearly, the message is that we aren’t there to compare ourselves to each other, or to compete for having the slimmest, trimmest body, or the most muscular body, or the most upscale spandex outfit. We’re there simply to work on our own wellbeing. As with recreational running communities, everyone should feel welcomed, encouraged, and celebrated for doing their best to their own abilities. People of all ages, genders, cultures, shapes, sizes, and abilities should be welcomed in the same way. And in my gym, at least, that’s how it feels.

When did this gym thing start, anyway? When I was a kid, the only gyms were in the schools and at…

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