All about stupid people who are too stupid to know they’re stupid

Ah the joys of History!

Matthew Wright

I had an idea for a
crazy science fiction story set on a strange fantasy world in which the most
powerful nation is taken over by a tangerine coloured moron with the emotional
maturity of a spoilt four-year old who, alas, imagines himself to be the smartest
individual that ever existed. Chaos and hilarity ensues.

I never wrote it. I mean, the idea’s so obviously far-fetched that I’d have trouble suspending disbelief for readers. Even fantasy has to have some grounding in plausible reality and this scenario – well, it wouldn’t ever happen in the real world.

The point about a
certifiable idiot thinking they are the most intelligent person around, though,
is not just plausible but well known. The logic runs like this: genuinely
intelligent people are aware of their limitations. Stupid people are not. It
was on this basis that Dunning and Kruger came up with the proposal…

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