Evangeline, Acadia, Refugees, and Resilience

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Today, August 15, is National Acadian Day –  la fête nationale de l’acadie. Not only is today National Acadian Day, but our Maritime provinces are in the midst of hosting the 2-week long World Acadian Congress, aka le congrès mondial acadien, which takes place every five years. It’s a hugely significant event; something like 100,000 people are expected to take part in activities involving music, story-telling, feasts, and massive family reunions. 100,000 Acadians gathering from many parts of the world to celebrate their culture and heritage. To celebrate in style. To get to know each other. To connect and reconnect. If there’s a LeBlanc, an Arsenault, a Doucet, Landry, Haché, Thériault, Cormier, Caissie, Cyr, Duguay, Gallant, Doiron, Melanson, Richard, Roy, or a number of other family names in your family tree, then you undoubtedly have Acadian blood. It’s a heritage worth embracing.

The Acadian flag

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