Let’s hear it for our youth, the adults in the room for fighting the climate change crisis

Extremely timely and well written, thanks Jane.

Robby Robin's Journey

Today, September 20, 2019, literally millions of young people worldwide are participating in a strike for climate change, organized by themselves. They are fighting for the survival of our planet. They are fighting to convince all of those of us who believe in science – not to mention the obvious signs that it’s real – that mankind has indeed had a huge negative impact on global warming and that we have to do something – actually more than just something – about it NOW.

Image credit: The Guardian

Yes, this means reducing, phasing out, and eventually removing our use of fossil fuel. Oil and gas industries can be part of it by continuing to improve their processes to reduce emissions, and they can be part of it by leading the way in investing in new, emission-free sources of energy as they move to new businesses. But head in the sand…

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