Embracing those twenty bonus years

Wow, gotta love these observations on life and aging. Thanks Jane, always appreciate your thoughts, humour and advice.

Robby Robin's Journey

Don’t worry, it’s just a cartoon! BUT … living a long, happy, healthy life and gaining that 20-year advantage doesn’t mean you’ll be living like your 50- or 60-year old self until you drop. There is this thing called the aging process and, remember, it’s only the privileged who get to enjoy that phase of life. The rest don’t make it!

So, if you’re there now (like me), embrace it. If you’re not there yet, then a little advice may prove useful. Call it food for thought, or maybe “How to be ready for aging without really trying”.

I’ve mentioned in a previous blog that there are three phases of these so-called golden years: go-go, go-slow, and no-go. In other words, slowly but surely physical (and sometimes mental) limitations creep in. Slower for some than for others, but it’s inevitable. A successful transition to this new reality requires some…

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