Wildlife Wednesday: Climate change is threatening the very existence of many of our animals | Mar 11/20

Thanks Jane for your research and sharing the bounty with us.

Robby Robin's Journey

Last week we looked at animals who are officially listed as being under severe threat of extinction because of loss of habitat, conflict with encroaching human populations, questionably legal wanton killing, and illegal poaching. This week we look at 10 of the many animals threatened by extinction because of climate change.

Keep in mind that some animal species have been at the brink of complete extinction in the past several decades and have been brought back from the brink by targeted action and continued vigilance. The closure of the whaling industry and subsequent return of some species of whales to a healthy population is one such example (with the exception of continued Japanese whaling, although until recently they’ve called it “research”). We need to hope that similar efforts can turn around the vulnerability of the animals now under threat.

Image credit: peregrineadventures.com

Polar bears. My personal favourite animal, along with…

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