Are humans really just violent, psychotic apes?

Sometimes I truly wonder about this exact human proclivity to violence as it certainly seems to be endemic in all societies and apparently has been so since the dawn of humanity. For all those people who believe in a christian set of values there still seems to be an abundance of violence even in the bible? For me it begs the question– why would such a supreme being design such a faulty being?

Matthew Wright

I am beginning to wonder whether the real nature of humanity is not care or nurture, but psychotic violence. It’s not just the relentless streams of the latter that flow past me in the news. It’s something I discovered directly, the other week.

I was in my home town of Napier, taking a photo of the town pier. I usually do – I’ve been collecting images of it in all sorts of lights, weather conditions and so forth.

I was about 150 metres from the pier when I set the latest picture up. Alas, it turned out that there were some people underneath it, apparently living rough. And as soon as they saw me with a camera they emerged and walked towards me, screaming abuse and threats.

This is the photo I took of the pier and surrounds.

The way to avoid being hurt in a fight is not to…

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