After Covid-19 – humanity at the crossroads

Thanks for a well written article and I would like to believe we are on the cusp of something better, more egalitarian and fairer to all. However, my pessimistic side kicks in here when I read about the current bonuses being paid to executives while employees are being laid off with little if any benefits from the company. Then it appears our government is willing to assist those same companies to keep them in business? I fully believe executives should be the first to feel the pain plus any compensation to Board members in these circumstances should be curtailed. Just wonder if any government anywhere even considers such an option? I do believe it is time for a huge economic shift as the inequalities currently existing need to be erased.

Matthew Wright

One of the ironies of the past few months, for me at least, has been the way most western governments have – after two generations of hands-off, market-driven neo-liberal indifference at the plight of the people – suddenly ‘switched on’ old-style Keynesian support systems. The fiscal faucets have opened, and money is pouring into the economies of nations that, one after another, have been forced to lock down their populations against the pandemic.

I confess that after two generations of neo-liberalism, I am cynical about the motives. It is just possible that governments around the world have genuine care for the people in their policy-making. I can think of one that does. But for the rest – well, I doubt it. I suspect the main reason why one government after another has been forced to engage in support packages despite still, for the most part, having an ideological foundation in…

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