Lockdown backlash – and why it’s not good

As the Spring season unfolds slowly this year it seems people are also coming out of lockdown as there appears to be more people out and about and this is observed in our small town as I walk around.

Matthew Wright

The growing backlash worldwide against lockdowns to restrict Covid-19 worries me. Especially because, until a vaccine is available, lockdown is the only effective tool to keep people safe from a virus that continues to surprise us with its potential to harm.

I’m a Kiwi where, this week, the Prime Minister – whose leadership during this crisis has been a world model – declared the disease effectively crushed. It’s not surprising. One of the things New Zealand is traditionally good at is biosecurity. It’s been crucial to our prosperity.

So the plan to stop Covid-19 getting more than a foothold, and then ‘stamp it out’ from the human population wasn’t a pipe dream. The government’s strict lock-down worked. This has been clear from a chart produced by the research centre Te Pūnaha Matatini at the University of Auckland. Check out the two projection lines showing the expected course with and without…

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