Self-kindness includes self-esteem

Comparisons can indeed be odious especially if comparing ourselves to others!

Robby Robin's Journey

Two weeks ago I posted about self-kindness and the related benefits of being lazy.  It’s hard not to be attracted by that advice!  In reading about what other advice is out there, one expert suggests that you should concentrate on self-compassion rather than self-esteem in being kind to yourself.  Hmm, maybe. But doesn’t that depend on the health of your self-esteem, and how specifically you define these terms?  Along with the extraordinary stresses most people are experiencing during this never-ending pandemic, many people of all ages add to their stress – and distress – every day by continuing to measure themselves against some arbitrary societal standard.  Surely, developing the self-confidence to be your own person and learning to like that person are important aspects of self-kindness. How can they not be?

Earlier this week, a fellow blogger wrote on this topic in a post called What Defines You? This…

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