Oceans on Nautilus

NOVEMBER 2020 To Save the Ocean We Need Less Talk, More Action After helping the world’s largest pension fund divest from fossil fuels, Nina Jensen tackles the ocean’s problems. By John Steele In May of 2017, Norwegian industrialist Kjell Inge Røkke promised to give away nearly all of his $2.4 billion fortune. He started by [...]

Economics for the people

Against the capitalist creeds of scarcity and self-interest, a plan for humanity’s shared flourishing is finally coming into view Mousehold Heath (1810) by John Sell Cotman. Drawing on paper. According to the UK Government, between 1604 and 1914 enclosure Bills enacted by Parliament restricted access to formerly open communal land comprising just over a fifth [...]

Character, Culture and Race:  From a White Perspective

Another great blog that hopefully gets us to think at least a little about racism.

Aging Capriciously

What do character, culture and race have to do with each other?  That is the subject of my blog this week.  I believe that each of these concepts is not well understood by people in America or in any other country for that matter.  There is a science to understanding these concepts but there is also an art that comes from experience and living.  Both science and experience are necessary to understand each concept and their relationship to each other.  Since my experience can only come from where I stand, I note that I stand as a white, USA born, male in the early 21st Century.  Standing anywhere else would no doubt give me a different experience and a different perspective on these ideas.  Let me start with first defining what the term Character means to me.  I am going to give you my take and not Webster’s dictionary…

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A blog post by Seth Godin

A short introduction to belief.

mostly philosophy

Seth Godin is beyond any introduction. He is one the most famous and most prolific bloggers out there. I am reblogging his post because, as usual, his posts are accurate and straight to the point.

Dancing with belief

All of us believe things that might be inconsistent, not based on how the real world actually works or not shared by others. That’s what makes us human.

There are some questions we can ask ourselves about our beliefs that might help us create the change we seek:

Is it working?

If your belief is working for you, if it’s helping you navigate a crazy world and find solace, and if it’s not hurting anyone else, it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. Often, beliefs are about finding human connection and a way to tell ourselves about our place in the world, not as an accurate predictive insight as to what’s actually…

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Map Monday: a wellness check on the water that makes our planet the Pale Blue Dot

Thanks Jane for your work in providing some very insightful material and your commentary to support.

Robby Robin's Journey

This week’s Map Monday was inspired by a comment from a fellow blogger, who mentioned that some of the world maps I shared put her in mind of the Pale Blue Dot. Thanks, AM, I hadn’t thought of that expression for some time.

The expression Pale Blue Dot comes from this photograph of planet Earth, taken by the Voyager 1 space probe on Valentine’s Day, 1990. It was taken at a distance of about 6 billion kms (3.7 billion miles)! I’ve added the yellow arrow so you can find the (tiny) pale blue dot – our planet – more easily. Even from this unimaginable distance, the blueness of Earth is visible!

Pale Blue Dot (Wikipedia).

An earlier perspective of our planet from space, from a far closer distance, is this well-known picture of an earthrise, taken from lunar orbit on Christmas Eve 1968 by Apollo 8 astronaut William Anders. This…

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Yes You Can!

Ah yes if we could all learn to be a positive force in this world we could be so much happier.

Robby Robin's Journey

Everyone deserves someone in their life to tell them “Yes you can”. Even better if everyone could have many, many people telling them that they can and should reach for the stars. But one voice alone can make all the difference in providing the self-confidence someone needs that is otherwise missing. The self-confidence we need to sees ourselves through the challenges that we may face in life. The ‘Yes you can’ ingredient.

For all of those children, students, would-be athletes, and employees who have dreams of what might be, only to have them dashed by a parent, teacher, coach or boss – or sibling or neighbourhood bully – who unthinkingly or otherwise knocks their abilities, having someone who encourages their dreams is life changing. Remember that words of encouragement cost nothing … and may give the world its next astrophysicist or Supreme Court justice. And that astrophysicist or Supreme Court…

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Taking It to Extremes – Part 2 of 5 – Growth versus Development

Aging Capriciously


A number of years ago, I wrote an article about the famous “Golden Mean” of Greek philosophy.  The mean was basically a rule that said the best way of living is to balance extremes.  Another way of looking at what this rule implies is that evil or bad things happen when we over do something.  We need to take all things in moderation.  Thus, drugs, smoking, guns, watching TV etc., are not evil or bad in themselves but when we take them to extremes they became dangerous and counterproductive.

Life is an ongoing struggle to find our proper balance.  However, it may never be a question of equal balance because the proper balance can never be static.  There are many dimensions or polarities in life where it is not really a matter of moderation or balance but more a matter of dynamically imposing a temporary order between two extremes. …

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